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Inner Journey | Embodied Spirituality with Sara Wilhelm Garbers

9:00 am – 10:45 am @ SpringHouse Ministry Center, 610 W. 28th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Violence, trauma, and pain. International conflicts, ecological degradation, and human exploitation are constant parts of our world. These phenomena are not natural. They are not the weather. They are systems of oppression, built over time and baked into our structures. They are part of white supremacy, patriarchy, and extractive capitalism, and they hurt all of us.

Resisting systems of oppression and building towards something new takes time and fortitude. How do we hold and nourish ourselves in that process as persons who are committed to the work of solidarity and building of beloved community? This workshop will focus on practices and space to reflect upon the connection between our inner lives and the solidarity we seek to embody in the world.

If you desire to be a person of action and compassion, then join us for a time of life, breath, and invitation to the inner journey | embodied solidarity.

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About the presenter:

Sara Wilhelm Garbers is a doctoral candidate at Loyola in Chicago where she is writing her dissertation on a feminist political theological ethics of memory centered in the knowings of survivors of sexual violence. Sara’s work broadly engages on notions of the self and how we care for our souls as we show up and do the work of justice and love in the world. In addition to her research and writing, she teaches formation at United Seminary, is a sexual violence counselor, and a pastor at Colonial Church in Edina.