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Session I: Telling Our Stories, Learning Our Power

12:00 pm – 7:30 pm @ United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, 3000 5th Street NW, New Brighton, MN 55112

A collaborative training in media, narrative, and movement-making towards justice and liberation in our times.

A partnership between Kaleo Center and Auburn Seminary.

SESSION I: Sunday, April 8, 2018 |12-7:30 PM
Location: United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities

SESSION II: Sunday, May 6, 2018 |12-7:30 PM
Location: TBD

Registration link coming soon

This training is free and open to all. Each training can welcome up to 50 participants, though we would consider expanding based on interest. We are working to build a room that honors and recognizes the experiences of Black folks, people of color, and Native people. We are intersectional in our approach and strive to recognize the complexities of class, gender, and other forms of identity, belonging, and oppression. We pro-LGBTQ and affirm the identities of trans folks and people who are gender non-conforming.

Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of how to tell their story with truth, clarity, and responsibility in the public realm. They will have direct support from nationally recognized trainers and movement leaders and will leave with concrete skills for using the press and navigating media attention during movements moments and within social justice movement work.

In order to ensure the the Kaleo Center can continue to build spaces for beloved community and for solidarity through action, we are asking all participants to consider become sustaining members of Kaleo Center by making a monthly contribution of any amount that is meaningful to you. If you are not able to give financially at this time, that is totally okay. This training exists as an offering to our community and as a way to build strength and resilience in our shared movements towards justice and liberation. We encourage and are so excited for you to attend.

If you are ready to take the leap and become one of our Sustainers of Justice with a monthly contribution to Kaleo of any amount, please click here.

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Movements for justice and shared liberation depend on our ability to tell our stories with authenticity and power. Who we activate our stories from a place of roundedness and clarity, we are able to shape narratives that shift material conditions in the world and that resonate with our lives. Often, during mass movement moments, we see various forms ion media using our stories to crate a particular angle, we see some people receiving public credit for their work while others are left unseen, and we see dynamics of privilege and oppression playing out in who speaks and who can be heard.

This workshop will provide an interactive, skills-building experience around how we can each tell our story in ways that acknowledge both self-interest and interconnection. We will leave with a greater understanding and practice of how to talk authentically and clearly about your skin in the game and the sense of commitment that keeps you in the work when things are messy. We explore how to build and confront power from a space of knowing your stake in the work. In many ways this will be self-reflection and spiritual development meets communications training meets community organizing meets narrative work.

The second workshop will offer a deeper exploration of how our stories impact one another and our movements. We will explore the dynamic of how white people taking up all the space, of how immigrant stories exist alongside the experiences of native and indigenous peoples and more. This work is about the power dynamics of stories, identities, and history in practice. At best, we seek new ways of holding our stories so that they open towards the truth of our complexity and interdependence in a connected web of possibility.

Registration link coming soon.

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