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Session II: Telling Our Stories, Building Our Power

12:30 pm – 6:00 pm @ United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, 3000 5th Street NW, New Brighton, MN 55112

A collaborative training in media, narrative, and movement-making towards justice and liberation in our times.

SESSION I: Sunday, April 8, 2018 |12-7:30 PM
Location: United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities

SESSION II: Sunday, May 20, 2018 |12-7:30 PM
Location: United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities

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The stories we tell matter. The stories we tell to ourselves, to one another, and the stories we tell in public all shape the world we experience.

Kaleo Center for Faith, Justice, and Social Transformation and Auburn Theological Seminary are thrilled to be collaborating with some of the most skilled and thoughtful narrative practitioners we know to offer two special half day workshop opportunities to explore how all of us can more strategically engage with media and storytelling within activism and political work that yearns towards solidarity, possibility, and liberation. The workshops are free and open to all.

We will be led by five incredible trainers – Kandace Montgomery from Black Lives Matter and the Black Visions CollectiveEleonore Wesserle of Line Break MediaAshley Harness of Lyndale United Church of Christ and Auburn Theological SeminaryCaitlin Elly Breedlove of Auburn Theological Seminary and of Southerners On New Ground, and Liz Loeb of the Kaleo Center for Faith, Justice and Social Transformation.

We want to make sure that we have are inviting people from all over our community. Please spread the word, let folks know about the training, and invite your friends in person and on social media!

People can attend either one or both trainings. The two trainings will be different and will build on one another, but neither requires the other. We invite you to register for either one, or both. If you need to arrive a little late or leave a little early, that’s totally ok – we all have complex lives and we’d rather that you are able to join us.

These workshops are designed to welcome a wide range of experience. Whether you are a seasoned organizer, someone who has just started to explore taking action towards justice, or anywhere in between, we invite you to join us as we build our skills, deepen our relationships, and work our muscles of inquiry and learning around race, power, narrative, movement building, and self-understanding.

Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of how to tell their story with truth, clarity, and responsibility in the public realm. You will have direct support from nationally recognized trainers and movement leaders, and will leave with concrete skills for using the press and navigating media attention during movements moments and within social justice movement work.

These trainings are free and open to all as a special collaboration between the Kaleo Center and Auburn Seminary. We can host up to 50 people for each training.

We will provide meals and snacks, and will happily address any accessibility issues that would support you in attending. While we will not have set-aside child care, we welcome children to join you in the space.

We will have caucus space for folks of color and Native people, resources for people who experience the world as white, and time in mixed space to learn honestly in a model of solidarity. We are working to build a room that honors and recognizes the experiences of Black folks, people of color, and Native people. We are intersectional in our approach and strive to recognize the complexities of class, gender, and other forms of identity, belonging, and oppression. We are pro-LGBTQ and affirm the identities of trans folks and people who are gender non-conforming.

The Kaleo Center exists to build spaces for beloved community and for solidarity through action. To continue that work, we are asking all participants to consider become sustaining members of the Kaleo Center by making a monthly or one-time contribution of any amount that is meaningful to you at We also ask you to consider matching that gift with direct contribution to a organization led by Black, Brown, and Native people. CTULBlack Visions Collective, and Dream of Wild Health are all great options.

If you are not able to give financially at this time, that is totally ok. This training exists as an offering to our community and as a way to build strength and resilience in our shared movements towards justice and liberation. We encourage you to attend and are so excited for you to join us.

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