Calling forth the world we seek

As people who ground ourselves in the wisdom of our diverse faith traditions and in the teachings of our diverse communities of spiritual practice, we have an urgent role to play in the world. We gather in common purpose. We develop bonds as strong as family. We hold visions of a healed world and commit ourselves to the work of justice and compassion. We show up in solidarity and in action as  a sustaining force for justice in the public square.

And yet.

As people of faith, many of us know more about how to pray and hope for change than how to inspire and create it. Our communities care well for one another and engage in acts of kindness, but we also need to live out our roles as people of faith committed to justice and shared liberation. We need tools and skills to help us work together, drawing from the teachings of our different faith traditions and teachings of spiritual practice to build relationships and shape a society that values all people as beloved.

And so…Kaleo Center.

Kaleo Center exists at the intersection of faith and public life, joining faith leaders and communities as powerful forces for change. We prepare and inspire faithful leadership for the world through trainings in social transformation and through organizing communities to take action as part of social and political movements for change. We research effective strategies, teach core competencies and strengthen the best practices needed for faithful social change.

Kaleo Center advances social transformation as a practical skill for faith leaders across traditions, and we organize communities of faith and communities of spiritual practice in solidarity towards front-line movements for justice. We are multi-faith, pro-LGBT and pro-queer, and we put racial justice at the center of what we do. More than anything, we invest in relationships, and in the connectedness that weaves our lives into a collective whole.

This hurting world needs the engaged imaginations of people of faith: our deepest capacity, our strongest voice and our most effective action.

If justice is your calling, Kaleo Center is calling you.

Welcome to Kaleo Center