Who Tells the Story? A Native Response to Christian Supremacy with Jim Bear Jacobs

Join us on for the November Kaleo Express – Who Tells the Story? with Jim Bear Jacobs


All are welcome and registration is free. 

Thursday, November 21st. Bagels, coffee, non-dairy treats, gluten-free delights, and good company starting at 8:30 a.m. Workshop from 9:00 a.m. – 10:30a.m

United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities (A pro-Queer, pro-LGBT, progressive, multi-faith seminary.) 767 Eustis Street, Saint Paul. (See parking information below.)

Stories are shaped by who imagine the storyteller to be. Our worldview, our theologies, our spiritual inkings about creation and our origins cannot be separated from how we tell our stories, from who we name as heroes and who we name as villains, and from who we think might be speaking in the voice of the story itself. In this interactive workshop and shared exploration, Jim Bear Jacobs takes us on a journey through the creation myth of Genesis as viewed through a Native and Indigenous lens. By using an Indigenous frame that acknowledges multiple story-tellers and multiple meanings, Jim Bear offers a prism in which Genesis becomes a story about Native ways of being, about the power of the Divine feminine, and about a return to our own humanity. In doing so, Jim Bear leads us away from many of the patriarchal and colonial frames used by Christian Supremacy to separate us from our most sacred interconnection. In this month of November, please join is in dreaming and yearning towards this sacredness – with the land, with our stories, and with one another.

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Feel free to come late and leave early – we know that folks have lives that do not always run in straight lines. Children welcome!

United is fully accessible to power-chairs, has gender-neutral and single stall bathrooms, and is located close to bus lines and light rail.

If you have access needs, please contact Kaleo Associate Director at Liz@kaleo.center so that we can accommodate you. We will be live-streaming the event for people who aren’t able to be there in person.


Please park in the south lot at the corner of Wabash and Eustis Streets. You will see a large metal structure in the parking lot, and a large “CASE” sign over the main entrance doors. You will *not* see a sign for United Theological Seminary. Once you come in the building, walk straight ahead past the various creative iterations of tables, couches, past the workspaces under construction, and past the whimsical indoor lawn games, and look for the “United Theological Seminary” sign. Enter the door underneath the sign, and follow the internal directions to the chapel.

ABOUT Jim Bear Jacobs

Born in St. Paul, Jim Bear Jacobs is a member of the Stockbridge-Munsee Mohican Nation, an American Indian tribe located in central Wisconsin. He has degrees in Pastoral Studies and Christian Theology and has served various churches as youth minister, adult Christian educator, and director of Men’s Ministries. Presently he is parish associate at Church of All Nations Presbyterian Church. He is a cultural facilitator in the Twin Cities and works to raise the public’s awareness of American Indian causes and injustices. He is founder/convener of “Healing Minnesota Stories,” an initiative dedicated to creating events of dialogue, education, and healing, particularly within faith communities.


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