Podcasts from friends of Kaleo! (And other good ones.)

Podcasts from Friends of Kaleo!*

Fortification: Spiritual Sustenance for Movement Leadership

This podcast is hosted by friend of Kaleo and 2016 Night of a New Day speaker Caitlin Breedlove (also Vice President, Movement Leadership at Auburn Seminary) interviewing movement leaders, organizers and activists.

If you’re looking for a place to start, check out her interview with recent KaleoExpress speaker and United Seminary alum Lena Gardner! It’s also the first episode, so that makes sense too.


The Beth Zemsky Podcast

Learn about social change, movement building, and organizing from none other than Kaleo Board Chair Beth Zemsky! A recent episode “Faith-Based Organizing and Graceful Engagement” features another friend of Kaleo and ED of the Center for Sustainable Justice Rebecca Voelkel.




Other Podcast Recommendations (because more podcasts = better)

Healing Justice Podcast

According to iTunes, “Healing Justice Podcast is a virtual practice space, bridging conversations at the intersections of collective healing & social change. Hosted by organizer and healing practitioner Kate Werning, each week we share a conversation with a powerful social justice leader, and an accompanying audio practice to help resource you in your leadership and the wellbeing of you and your people.” It also recently featured friend of Kaleo Susan Raffo!


Counter Stories

Though unforunately this podcast is not releasing as many episodes as in past, this is a gem from Minnesota Public Radio. Described as “by, for, and about people of color (and everyone else)” on race, identity, social justice and culture, this podcast features Twin Cities leaders Anthony Galloway, Luz Maria Frias, Don Eubanks and Hlee Lee. Take a listen!



How to Survive the End of the World

Complex wisdom for a complex time! Join Autumn Brown and adrienne maree brown, two sisters who share many identities, as writers, activists, facilitators, and inheritors of multiracial diasporic lineages, as well as a particular interest in the question of survival, as we embark on a podcast that delves into the practices we need as a community, to move through endings and to come out whole on the other side, whatever that might be.



Remember that one time the White House chief of staff said “the lack of an ability to compromise led to the Civil War”? Not historically accurate. The Civil War and its aftermath are still affecting Americans every day. Journalists and hosts Jack Hitt and Chenjerai Kumanyika make this history incredibly compelling and relevant.

“We ransack the official version of the Civil War, and take on the history you grew up with. We bring you untold stories about covert operations, corruption, resistance, mutiny, counterfeiting, antebellum drones, and so much more. And we connect these forgotten struggles to the political battlefield we’re living on right now.”

*Podcast recommendations compiled by noted podcast nerd and Kaleo staffperson Chelsea Stanton.

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