September 2018 Newsletter

MPD150 Making It Real

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September 20, 2018

Dear friend,

Over the past weeks, I’ve been thinking about the magic that happens when we come
together in community. It might be the way we say hello with real presence in our eyes, or
the moments when we acknowledge and ask after one another with an energy that says –
“Hey there. You matter to me.”

Yesterday, I had the gift of observing Yom Kippur at my home congregation of Shir Tikvah.
Hundreds of glorious beings prayed and fasted and reflected together on our ethical
obligations to one another and to the world. It was a sacred time full of desire and complexity
and fortification, and I am so very grateful to the community of people that created that

As part of Shir Tikvah’s fabulous experiment in bringing non-clergy voices to the front of the
room, I was asked to offer an interperative response to the traditional Yom Kippur Haftorah
of Isaiah 57:1 – 58:1. In my response, I asked about the deals we each make with systems of
oppression, and about the rewards we are offered if we talk about justice, but refrain from
striking the foundations of the system itself.

As I find myself saying again and again, I don’t have answers, but I do believe that when we
find each other in community, when we open ourselves to connection and solidarity and
collective possibility, we start to find the cracks in the foundations that bind us. And then we
start to create new ways of organizing towards not only a political world of shared liberation,
but the conditions of relationship in which shared liberation becomes possible.

Happy 5779. May it be a good year.


Liz Loeb

Note: Some of the events listed below include registration fees. If cost is in any way a barrier
to your participation, please contact Liz Loeb at so that we can connect
you with free registration.

MUUSJA: Two Events to Fuel You for Transformation

Our work at Kaleo Center simply wouldn’t be possible without the brilliance and leadership of
folks at the Minnesota Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Alliance. Please join us for two
wonderful upcoming events – both of which include Kaleo as a co-sponsor, and both of which
will have thoughtful engagement, resources for inspiration, and some very delicious food. 🙂

What We Must Risk Now
A workshop with Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen.
Sunday, September 23. 2p.m. – 6p.m.
Springhouse Ministry Center, 610 W. 28th St. MPLS

Courage for the Long Haul
MUUSJA’s Annual Celebration and Fundraiser. Thursday, 9/27. 6p.m. – 9p.m.
Springhouse Ministry Center, 610 W. 28th St., MPLS

Here at Kaleo Center we are thrilled to be co-sponsors of MPD 150’s historical and artistic exhibit, MAKING IT REAL: Our History With Police and Our Future Without Them that will run from October 5-21 at New Rules on Lowry Ave in N. Minneapolis. Opening event on October 5th with performance and panel discussion, 6p.m. – 10p.m. at New Rules. Closing event on October 21st with a community discussion and resource sharing, 1p.m.-5p.m. at New Rules. General exhibit hours, Monday – Thursday, 11-7pm at New Rules. Come join us!!

Our friends at the Center for Prophetic Imagination have planned two incredible days of reflection, inspiration, and engagement with folks like Rev. Traci Blackmon, Rev. Osagyefu Sekou, Kaleo’s own founding director Steve Newcom, and so many others. Kaleo is honored to participate as a co-sponsor of the conference, and we would love to welcome you as part of it!

Prophetic Imagination Conference,  Friday 9/21 and Saturday 9/22 at Plymouth
Church in Minneapolis

Welcome to Kaleo Center