Telling Queer History: A Journey Towards Belonging with Rebecca Lawrence

Join us on for September’s Kaleo Express – Telling Queer History with Rebecca Lawrence


All are welcome and registration is free. 

Wednesday, September 25th. Bagels, coffee, non-dairy treats, gluten-free delights, and good company starting at 8:30 a.m. Workshop from 9:00 a.m. – 10:30a.m

United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities (A pro-Queer, pr0-LGBT, progressive, multi-faith seminary.) 767 Eustis Street, Saint Paul. (See parking information below.)

What does it mean to tell a story of belonging? How does knowing our own queer histories and our communities’ queer histories shape our sense of what it means to come into our own being, and into connection with others? How, in a dominant culture that often limits expressions of sexuality and gender through a rigid binary, do each of us have a piece of queerness inside us?

For September’s Kaleo Express, join artist, organizer, and Telling Queer History founder Rebecca Lawrence for an interactive workshop exploring what it means to tell queer history to ourselves and to each other. While this event with center LGBTQ stories, people of all identities and experiences are warmly welcome to be part of the workshop and conversation.

We would love to see you on the 25th. REGISTER HERE!

Feel free to come late and leave early – we know that folks have lives that do not always run in straight lines. Children welcome!

If you have access needs, please contact Kaleo Associate Director at so that we can accommodate you. We will be live-streaming the event for people who aren’t able to be there in person.

PARKING NOTES: United’s new campus is located at 767 Eustis St. in St. Paul. Please park in the south lot at the corner of Wabash and Eustis Streets. You will see a large metal structure in the parking lot, and large “CASE” sign over the main entrance doors. Once you come in the building, walk past the decorative tractor and indoor lawn games, enter the door marked “United Theological Seminary,” and follow signs to the chapel.

ABOUT Rebecca Lawrence

Rebecca Lawrence is a photographer, artist, organizer, and the founder and lead curator of Telling Queer History. Rebecca has held leadership positions at the Minnesota Opera and aide range of community-based justice organizations and arts organizations, working from a place of humility, generosity, and interdependence. Rebecca’s infectious creativity and thoughtful approach to community engagement has made her a beloved and trusted powerhouse in the political art scene. Rebecca’s work with Telling Queer History created space for knowing each other and our stores that simply didn’t exist before she helped to make it, and Kaleo Center is deeply grateful for the joy and care that she continues to bring to that work.

ABOUT Telling Queer History

TQH is an ongoing series of gatherings that use storytelling to connect LGBTQ+ people across generations and identities in the Twin Cities since June 2013. Our gatherings share absent and erased stories from our community in an open, informal and participatory way. TQH works to unite people through conversation so we can all better understand each other, ourselves, and our collective queer histories.


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