Advancing: Launching Possibility

Advancing the praxis of social transformation

Kaleo Center approaches its work through the lens of praxis – a living and emergent process by which theory is put into practice and practice informs theory, in a continuous feedback loop: creating, acting, reflecting, refining, and recreating. Using this lens, Kaleo convenes faith institutions and seminaries within a burgeoning national field of practical, justice-based programs within seminary education.


Kaleo Center engages in innovative research to advance the art of social transformation — and we also participate actively in the learning process with our students and community partners, refining methods and making improvements as we go. We understand that true transformation is not a linear progression but an iterative cycle of action and reflection, requiring our best thinking, our deepest commitment and our faithful action.


Currently, Kaleo Center invests in:

  • Ongoing development of the Kaleo praxis toolkit and social transformation matrix,
  • Organizing theological schools with justice degree offerings to advance the field,
  • Justice Ministry Education – a CPE-style practicum and placement based in justice and social movements,
  • Unique national partnerships and creative collaborations with stakeholders such as Auburn Seminary.


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