Funding Opportunities and call for Faith leaders from $15 Now Minneapolis

Two Funding Opportunities:

* from our friends at the Groundswell Fund: Groundswell’s Rapid Response Fund Launches Online Application Process:

Groundswell recognizes that the lack of access to flexible, responsive funding has cost reproductive justice activists and organizations in the United States countless policy setbacks and missed opportunities for base-building. Our Rapid Response Fund, launched in January 2016, seeks to fill that gap. Dedicated to moving resources quickly and strategically, the Fund is intended to meet unforeseen needs and opportunities in the struggle to advance and defend reproductive justice. And as of July 2016, you can access information the Fund (including the application) online at

You don’t have to be a Groundswell grantee to apply for rapid response funding. You can request funding to respond to an unforeseen legislative or policy development, a public attack, or a community crisis; seize a new opportunity for education, mobilization, or coalition-building; or weather an unexpected leadership transition. You can apply for funding to lift up the reproductive justice dimension of a social or environmental crisis, or to ensure that the voices of people of color or queer, trans, or gender nonconforming people are represented in a narrowly framed struggle for reproductive rights. Groundswell Fund remains committed to building a sustainable movement, and to that end welcomes proposals for funding to heal, plan, and build power for reproductive justice in the wake of violence.

For more information about how the Fund works, including who can apply and how to apply, visit And please share this email widely!

* From our friends at Sociological Initiatives Foundation: Grants for Research that Supports Community Organizing

The Sociological Initiatives Foundation provides grants to help people fight inequities in their communities with research that exposes the problem and supports grassroots organizing and advocacy.

The grants of up to $20,000 will fund applied research projects that can help:

Change laws and regulations
Critique and reform institutional practices
Level the playing field
Amplify the voices of those left out
Create alternative institutions
Build the political power of groups excluded from decision-making
Address linguistic issues that limit civic participation
The Foundation supports projects that address institutional rather than individual or behavioral change. It does not fund services, programs or program evaluation.

Guidelines and concept application form for the August 15th deadline are available at

* $15 Now Campaign call for faith leaders to testify at Minneapolis City Hall in support of $15 Now!

Rev. Justin Schroeder writes to share a call from the $15 Now Campaign: Faith leaders are invited to testify at Minneapolis City Hall on August 3, at 10 am, at the Minneapolis City Council meeting. You’ll have the opportunity to speak to the moral imperative of paying a just and living wage. If you can join, please be in touch with Rev. Schroeder at

As a reminder, here’s the Faith for 15 Letter that many of you signed on to:

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