Praxis Orientation and Cohort Model

Praxis orientation and cohort model

This is a practical degree focused on equipping leaders with the tools, competencies, frameworks and strategic thinking required for effective social transformation. Students enter and progress as a cohort through the program. This allows students to initiate and sustain collaborative work and develop a network of supportive relationships and professional connections. This praxis focus is reflected in a number of the program elements:

  • Capstone Context: Students are expected to spend 8 hours a week in a organization/community context(s) related to their Capstone project. This may be any variation of paid or volunteer work, which holds social transformation potential. The context provides both a learning context and a community of accountability. We assist students as needed to secure a Capstone context.
  • Action-Learning Teams: Each student will be part of an action learning team with 6-8 other students. These teams and their action-learning coach will provide the context for leadership reflection and action throughout the course of the 5-semester degree program. Action-Learning teams will meet monthly.
  • Core Courses: The required courses are deliberately sequential, culminating in the Capstone project. These core courses will use the Capstone context as the laboratory for applying and testing classroom learning’s.
  • Capstone Project: The Capstone is the central and culminating professional and academic component of the Social Transformation program. The Capstone demonstrates the learner’s ability to integrate, synthesize, evaluate and apply the praxis of social transformation. The Capstone should add to the body of knowledge/body of practice of social transformation.

Who is the program designed for?

The Social Transformation offerings are designed to prepare students for a wide range of vocational paths, including: social justice advocacy, non-profit leadership, community organizing, religious organizations, educational institutions, civic and governmental agencies, congregational justice ministries, business, philanthropy, or other community contexts.

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