Privacy Policy

Information collected while browsing Kaleo Center sites –

Kaleo Center servers may collect the following information from all computers accessing Kaleo Center websites: IP address, browser type, operating system, page(s) viewed, referring information. This information is used to monitor the effectiveness of Kaleo Center websites and does not track use by a specific user.

Cookies –

You will only receive a Kaleo Center cookie if you logon to the server. This cookie is used to identify you and provide custom information based on what type of a user you are (student, alum, faculty, staff, etc.). If your browser does not accept cookies, portions of the Kaleo Center websites will not be accessible.

Logons –

Some areas of Kaleo Center websites are password protected to limit access to appropriate users (students, alums, faculty, staff, etc.). Do not share your user name or password with anyone. The server logs only the date and time a user last accessed a server.

Credit card information – You may use your credit card online to register for certain classes or make a gift to the Kaleo Center knowing that the security of your credit card information is a high priority for Kaleo Center. Before entering your credit card information, make sure you are connected via a secure server (look for the lock on the status bar). Information collected to process credit cards include: name, credit card number, expiration date, name on card. This information will only be used to process your requested transaction and then removed from the server. Receipts containing credit card information may be kept by the Kaleo Center business office.

Sharing information with other organizations and people not employed by Kaleo Center –

Employees of the Kaleo Center are not permitted to sell or distribute credit card information to businesses, organizations, individuals or other entities outside the seminary. Employees of the Kaleo Center are not permitted to sell or distribute lists and/or addresses of people in our database except in cases of cooperative programs that are in the best interest of the Kaleo Center. In such cases, we require an agreement that the use will be on a one-time only basis.

Providing information such as address, telephone number, email address, etc., of alums or friends of the seminary in response to requests from other alums, friends or other entities for personal use is not normally permitted and should usually be referred to the appropriate department representative.

Kaleo Center will occasionally send newsletters, brochures, e-news and other items of interest to people on our mailing list. This is done via regular mail or email/electronically. If you would like to be removed from our mailing list, please contact Chelsea Stanton. To be added to our mailing list, click here.

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