The Collected Works of Arnold Lowe

This generous collection of Dr. Lowe’s writings was given by his daughter, Mrs. Mary Lee Dayton. At the core of this collection are 20 volumes of sermons—indexed by subject—given by Dr. Lowe primarily during his time as senior pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Minneapolis.

The collection also contains lectures, poetry, letters, photographs and a host of other materials from as early as 1917 and continuing through 1976.

Some circulation restrictions may apply to the use of this collection.

LOWE Index (PDF)

ARNOLD HILMAR LOWE (1888-1977) was born in Zurich, Switzerland, and came to the United States when he was 17 to attend school. Ordained in 1912, he went as a missionary to the Cameroons in West Africa and later served as chaplain in the British zone of occupied Germany after WWI. Dr. Lowe was a college professor in Missouri and served as the pastor of a Presbyterian church in St. Louis until he answered the call to be senior pastor at Westminster Presbyterian Church in downtown Minneapolis. He served that church from 1941 through 1965 and was a highly respected minister and renowned preacher.

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